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free exhibitionSociety of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers welcomes into membership pro photographers

Being a commercial photographer in a very competitive industry requires skill, professionalism and above all visibility.

Visibility is essential if commercial customers are looking to engage the best professional photographer in the market.

Members of Society of International Commercial and Industrial Photographers can be easily found on this website by visiting our directory listing.

Our members have the option of gaining meaning qualification in their field of expertise and will be pleased to show you their work and quote for whatever the assignment may be.

On offer is a range of benefits of membership that will inspire members with their photographic skills, which include our leading magazine, member’s forum, mentoring...


Specialist interests include:

JoinWeb designer, Photo manipulation and restoration services,  Digital restoration,  Corporate Portraits,  Business,  Film and TV productions, Royalty Free Images, Conferences Printing Services Jewellery Corporate Low light specialist Product Packshots Interiors, Exteriors, Architectural, Property, Film and print, scanning, Location, Stock, Training,  Venue,  Public Relations, Construction, Prints for Interior Design, Aerial, Medical, Marine, Oil Industry, Automotive, Food, Editorial,  Advertising, Lifestyle, Health, Cosmetics, Leisure, Aviation, Retail, Banking and finance, Clothing and footwear, Consumer electronics, Books and publishing, Energy, Personal and leisure, Telecommunications, DIY and Gardening, Agricultural, Chemicals, Biotechnology, Building Materials, Confectioners, Farming, Education, Heavy Construction, Metal Fabrication, Theatres, Shipping, Toys and Games, Trucking, Waste Management, Water Utilities, Broadcasting & Cable, Coal Mining, Gaming, Shipbuilding, Textile, Transportation, Wood Products…

There are 339 days to get ready for The Societies of Photographers Convention and Trade Show at The Hilton London Metropole Hotel ...
which starts on Wednesday 11th January 2017

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