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by Dave Wall Published 01/08/2012


OK so now the art of layer masks is working it is a simple matter of repeat, repeat, repeat.

Turn the next layers eye on. Add white paper. Paint with black and white to reveal and hide (making sure you only paint on the piece of paper and not the image part of the layer).

As you go try to name each layer in turn for your future reference. The more layers you have the more important it becomes. To do this it is just a matter of clicking on the layer's existing name and waiting for the text box to appear.

(Diagram 6)


Once all your layers are complete (it may take a while but becomes quicker with practice) it is just a matter of tidying up areas, removing blemishes and local brightness adjustments, etc.

This may look complicated and longwinded but being honest typing this out is far harder than actually doing it with Photoshop.

Creating this bike image within Photoshop was less than 90 minutes' work!

99 layers in total...phew !

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