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by Alan Carville Published 01/12/2013


An internationally acclaimed architecture photographer discussing iPhone photography? Whatever next! But Alan Carville is not only talking about iPhone photography at the Societies' Convention 2014, it has also become an integrated part of his working practice. 'I use my phone on just about every professional shoot that I do. It could be for looking at the natural lighting direction, drawing diagrams or even checking the weather'.


With clients now asking for images specifically for social media as a part of hiring a professional photographer, Alan will be talking about the impact that the iPhone has had on the industry. 'Mobile photography has had an influence on the perception of the cost of hiring photographers. People are wondering why, if you can produce images in a matter of seconds, they are paying so much.' However, he is quick to also talk about the benefits of the iPhone as a camera: 'A fundamental part of photography is the power of observation, which is something that needs to be practised. Sometimes camera controls can get in the way of doing things; the iPhone gives you a way to remove yourself from the controls and start seeing again.'

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1st Published 01/12/2013
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