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Published 01/10/2013


The worldwide explosion of photography since its transformation through the digital revolution has concurrently seen a proliferation of photography-related competitions. Although for some photographers participating in competitions is not their cup of tea, contests undoubtedly have their advantages. Besides the possibility of winning the prize, they are essential to promote your work and diffuse your name.

This is extremely important for up and coming newcomers who want to get noticed in the extremely competitive arena of photography.

Another very important factor to compete, or work towards a qualification, is the fact that you challenge yourself to produce better work, to work in genres of photography which you might not have explored, to study and explore what other photographers are doing and why they are successful.

In this short write-up I would just like to evidence some practical pointers, gained from my years of experience both as competitor and as judge, on how to gain quick inroads into this sphere of photography.


Framing the subject creatively

1. Choosing Carefully.

The competitions you enter need to be studied and chosen carefully.

Naturally, the fewer participants in a competition the more chance of doing well. So initially, I suggest that you source out competitions in which you will be directly competing only with your peers and photographers who are at the same level as you. It can be daunting for a beginner to compete with experienced and professional photographers - regular bad results are not very conducive to boosting your confidence.

In this case, the law of averages would make this probability a reality.

So try to source out lesser known and less established contests. It is definitely wise to start from the lower rungs and work yourself up. Avoid contests which attract huge numbers of participants.

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