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by Dave Simm Published 01/08/2009


Hermann Goering was the Luftwaffe General, the head honcho of the Nazi air force and a bit before my time; I am very comfortable with the fact that I never met him, so what has he to do with me... Well I did get a ride in his parade car and what a superb piece of automobilecraftsmanship that is.

Photographing some of the world's greatest marques has really opened my eyes to things I never dreamed of in my youth. For instance, like most Brits of my age, when I thought of fabulous, extravagant luxury on four wheels, the brands that sprang to mind were Rolls Royce, Bentley, Alvis, Armstrong Siddley, Bristol, Lagonda and one or two other significant marques that have momentarily dropped from memory. Even though we see Audi as a mid-level luxury car, how many of us would know that it is a direct descendant of the famous Horch that stood so prominently in the parades of the Third Reich. There in the name is the give away; 'horch' is German for hearing, but after the company had sold the name, long ago, they turned to the Latin for hearing and kept the familiar rings that are the trade mark of Auto Union.


Enough of my meandering, photographing the Horch, in spite of it's history, was such a joy, after all it is a magnificent world-class vehicle by any yardstick and it has been beautifully restored to concourse condition by the current owner, American Chevy dealer, Ed Schoenthaler and his wife, Judy.

Photographing cars only makes up a very small percentage of my work, but is by far the most pleasurable and ranks as high as teaching in my priority list of favourite occupations, especially when the work is for Automobile Quarterly, just about the most prestigious car magazine in USA.

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