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by Mike McNamee Published 01/12/2016


The type of card you require (that is its 'from factor ' if you like) is governed by your camera. In-camera storage has progressed from floppy disks, through micro hard drives (and what jewels of engineering they were!) to solid state CompactFlash and finally to three types of SD Card. Confused? You might well be - so below is the basic rundown of the card family. Remember the first port of call when deciding is your camera manual!

The humble SD card, or Secure Digital card to use its full name, has been around a long time. It dates all the way back to 1999, in fact. In that time it’s fought off competition from other memory card formats such as Sony’s Memory Stick and CompactFlash to become the de facto standard when it comes to expandable storage outside of cameras.

CompactFlash retains a following with cameras because of its inherently greater speed.


Cost of Storage versus Card Speed

Nowadays, you find cards in many guises, in a multitude of devices from digital cameras to smartphones to games consoles and laptops. However, not only are there numerous different types and sizes (both in physical size and capacity terms) there are different speeds available, too. This can make buying the right card a confusing affair, so we’re here to explain just what all of those different labels mean.

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